Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling was formed in 1975 by promoter Herb Simmons.  This organization was formed due to Herb's interest in Wrestling and the fact he was a die hard fan.  SICW has held events throughout Southern Illinois and Missouri.  The theme for Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling was to continue the traditions of Wrestling at the Chase.  Herb and his longtime friend Larry Matysik were instrumental in keeping Wrestling alive for more than that past 40 years.  Through the years, SICW has brought up legends such as Dory Funk, the Briscos, Baron Von Raschke, Crusher Blackwell, Bruiser Brody, Lou Thesz and all the greats of the Golden Years of Professional Wrestling.

A mission of SICW throughout the years has been to help organizations raise funds for their events along with the monthly shows.  Through this, SICW is responsible for tens of thousands of dollars being raised for local organizations, first responders and many other groups.